Are you living your passion?

These are simple questions to check if you are living your passion. Answer them with either YES or NO.

  1. Is it dragging to wake up in the morning and do whatever you’re supposed to do?
  2. Do you feel that your talent isn’t maximized?
  3. Do you feel unfulfilled or empty?
  4. Are you still searching for reason why you’re alive or what is your purpose?

If you answered even a single YES on the above 4 questions then it’s time to check what have you been doing and be on the right track leading to living your PASSION, it doesn’t mean it is going to be easy but the good thing about even as simple as finding your PASSION is it feels so right that you look forward for the gold and you feel a tingling inspiration.

If you answered NO on all questions then CONGRATULATIONS because you are at the right track of your life! 🙂


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