It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

If pursuing passion is easy then the world will be filled with people who are happy and fulfilled; and trust that there wouldn’t be grumpy beings, no impatient drivers on the road during traffic jam, no disrespect, or the bottom line no negativity spreading around.

Why then is it so hard to find and live it? Here are concrete examples of roadblocks:

Not starting at the right foot. If I want to become a pilot but was never daring to enroll and be hired in an environment with flying objects – do you think I will ever be able to fly? Not at all.

Age won’t permit. Think again. Be creative, plan, and just do it already. We were given a brain and right kind of machinery (our body) to function at our ultimate best. It’s just that are we maximizing it?

Scared & weak to start at the bottom again. Maximize your time, research, come up with strategies and then take the plunge. Be courageous because the reward you’ll reap worth all the new exciting beginnings. Going to your passion will give you a different sense of energy that the things you never thought you’ve got will emerge like wild fire.

Excuses. Are you still waiting for your muse to come in a sprinkle of magical dust? Don’t. The muse is you and the magic is the action. The feeling of fulfillment and happiness are in the journey.

Clueless. Don’t be disheartened because there are so many endeavors such as this blog who has no other objective but to help out everyone. The key is your willingness to seek and act.

It is not easy because we have to devote ourselves to live it. It needs us. Sometimes the hurdles along the way are not the relevant challenges that we need to conquer; so it is equally important to gain wisdom and be enlightened by learning, listening, and contemplating.


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