Scientific Help to Discover Our Innate Passion

I’ve come across the articleFind Out What You Were Born to Do by Paige Williams and it leads me to discover Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation established since 1922 that provides aptitude testing program helping individuals discover their natural potential by identifying their personal strengths. The tests that they will conduct will greatly help people who are blind or unsure about their natural borne talents.

Reading through their website, they say that a person’s aptitudes stabilize at around age 14, and remain so for the rest of his or her life. They also add that aptitude testing is a very effective tool for educational and career selection, in that it provides an unbiased, factual representation of how you think and work.

Their testing centers are available only in the US at selected cities and would cost about $675 to $750. But they’ve given a 5 career aptitude tests that we may try at home:

Test #1: Step by Step
What it measures: Concept organization, or the ability to break down complicated ideas and make them more easily understood.
Jobs that require this skill: Engineers, computer programmers, editors.
Question: Test 1_OMag_Aptitude_Step by Step
Answer: Test 1 Answer_OMag_Aptitude_Step by Step

Test #2: Three of a Kind
What it measures: Inductive reasoning, which means you can quickly see a common element among seemingly unrelated ideas.
Jobs that require this skill: Research scientists, police detectives, lawyers.
Question: Test 2_OMag_Aptitude_Three of a Kind
Answer: Test 2 Answer_OMag_Aptitude_Three of a Kind

Test #3: Paper Folding
What it measures: Structural visualization, or how well you can picture three-dimensional objects in your mind.
Jobs that require this skill: Engineers, architects, physicians.
Question: Test 3_OMag_Aptitude_Paper Folding
Answer: Test 3 Answer_OMag_Aptitude_Paper Folding

Test #4: Number Series
What it measures: Numerical reasoning, or the ability to decipher numerical patterns and concepts.
Jobs that require this skill: Economists, financial analysts, accountants.
Question: Test 4_OMag_Aptitude_Number Series
Answer: Test 4 Answer_OMag_Aptitude_Number Series

Test #5: What Comes to Mind?
What it measures: Foresight, or the ability to imagine lots of possibilities—and anticipate potential problems.
Jobs that require this skill: Politicians, entrepreneurs, physicians, activists.
Question: Test 5_OMag_Aptitude_What Comes to Mind
Answer: Test 5 Answer_OMag_Aptitude_What Comes to Mind


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  1. frizztext
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 13:06:53

    maybe again I would choose EDUCATION, still searching for a sign HUMOR …


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