The Moment Calls for a New Breed

Season changes and don’t worry if you are following a footstep of someone great because every generation would still need a new hero. The inspiration of the past is indispensable but the concrete work and the touchable human of the present is crucial because he can be relatable with what we’re experiencing ourselves.

Ask a young one what cassette tape is? Will the child be in a lot more awe to show him a record? But even without asking he can tell you that music goes out from a CD. Time is changing and we should not be scared to follow a footprint of a legend because in our time we can be proud of what we’ll accomplish and how are we going to affect the world.


  • Telegram is great but 34 years old Twitter creator Jack Dorsey (@jack) reinvents brevity and sharing in a whole new way. Twitter was right that you can say it in 140 characters or less and to exceed the allowed characters the warning ‘you’ll have to be more clever’ make sense.
  • The Empire State Building in New York, USA hold the title Tallest Historical Structures from 1931 to 1967 at 381m but starting 2007 to present Burj Khalifa at 829.84m from Dubai, UAE got the top position with the help of the skills of its Structural Engineer  William “Bill” F. Baker.

Our names could be part of that genius list. We can fill a demand and a need. We can never be compared to the person we’ll replace because no one can be replaced. A certain achievement cannot be exactly compared to someone. Every entity has its own beauty that addresses and inspires a certain group.

Michael Jackson, a true perfectionist entertainer whose charisma affected us, may no longer perform a new song, another concert, or produce an amazing music video to look forward to; but a new entertainer could soon set himself on the stage rocking our world.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cardinal Guzman
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 12:54:09

    I think LPs will last bcause the sound quality is so much better than on CD’s and cassettes.


  2. Mikhail
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 07:16:07

    I can still remember what I did with my blank cassette tapes before. I use them to record my favorite music from the radio. Oh, good times.

    …until I knew how to use torrent and discovered! 🙂


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