Daniel Edlen, Creating Art on the Artifacts of Creativity

Daniel Edlen has an intrinsic gift for painting and he awesomely combined that talent with another type of passion that is his love for music and yet another twist to put it on liter(art)ure. An artist graces this blog and he shares his passion –

  • Description. My passion is seeing and communicating that vision through my work.
  • Discovery. When I was six, I took an art class which taught me how to see. It started me on my journey.
  • Conquered Challenges. I had to get past my self doubt. I’ve been able to handle criticism from others for a long time, but I still am my biggest critic and sometimes discourage myself.
  • Feeling for Living. Blessed and human.
  • Greatest Achievements. Having my work shown at VH1 in NY. Pieces in the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, FL are big ones. Getting to give http://vinylart.info/dlfm.htm to the David Lynch Foundation was a great honor.
  • Sharing. I share my work as directly as possible, mostly online. I always enjoy finding new audiences, like the readers of your blog, with whom to share what I do.

Connect with Daniel Edlen:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sunshine
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 04:01:47

    Very talented! Thanks for sharing this.


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