Look at a Railway

Beyond ME is ME in a completed puzzle.

A real passionate man who does what he loves recognized his contribution for the bigger picture. Look at a railway, it has rail, bolt, nut, wood, and no matter how small or big a certain part, they work together to keep a train moving and serve the purpose of transporting people or things efficiently.

The beauty of each one’s real gift in real life is not to measure who you are but seeing what you can do when joined with others. Everyone complements so we should find out how we become one with the world.

No looking down upon ourselves. No self pity.

A train can be the real star but it will not run with the absence of the bolt or the nut or the wood or the rail. Same way that a Janitor is important as the company’s Manager.

It reminds me of one old story. A passerby asked a carpenter about what he’s doing, he said, “I’m doing carpentry,” then he asked the mason next who answered the clearest vision that we should aim, he answered, “We’re building a church.”


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