Marc Jacobs on Work, Success, and the Art World

Marc Jacobs has his own fashion label and he is also Louis Vuitton’s Art Director since 1997.

His words on Life and Work –

I don’t have any separation between life and work so I guess it’s the same thing.

On Success –

I don’t know how to define success.
If I can continue to do what I love then I am successful.

After one of his NY fashion shows –

I didn’t do anything, I just do my job.

He loves designing but he looks highly about one thing in particular… The Art World

I’ve always felt intimidated by the art world.

In the creative hierarchy, the art world is like up here and fashion is down there.

I see the life of these artists sometimes and the way they live and how they travel and I think it is such a beautiful creative existence that seems sort of so pure in some way.


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