Monte Carlo Flare

Still clueless on what will make you greet sunshine with zest?

Inspired by the movie Monte Carlo, try traveling!

Going out of the country will give you a perspective you may have missed or you never knew it was there. Go out and explore the other part of the world that you’ve never known. When you do start the experience you make sure that you’re open and let things sink.

In the movie, Selena Gomez played the character of Grace Bennett who is a young lady. She is clueless and desperate to feel different and find what she’s sets to do in life. She thought saving and finally going to Paris would help. Even with doubt she is the kind of person who could conquer Paris, she went for it. The ending of the movie showed she is doing what would give meaning to her life, give her reasons to smile, and feel that she matters in the world.


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