T1Q: A job or your purpose?

This post was taken from one of the newsletters of T1Q: the one question written by their Resident Life Coach, Ms. Lillian Eve Moore, that I would like to share to everyone.

What should you do if you want a new career but you don’t have the funds for “transitional period.” How do you support yourself while you are waiting for your dream career to take off?

Step 1: Trim down and simplify
Can you make your life less expensive? See what expenses you can cut without compromising your quality of life. You might find that some of the things that you spend the most money on don’t really give you joy.

Step 2: Look for joy and bliss where you are
If you are employed be grateful for that income! Put money aside to give you a cushion. Find ways to bring your talents and passions into your current job – this will improve your current relationships and could lead to promotions or glowing referrals. Look for your dream job on the side or if you are starting your own business start freelancing part time first.

Step 3: Start Small
For any of you looking to start your own business, it is easy to feel like you need a huge investment to start. Actually, it is better to start small because there will inevitably be mistakes and losses at first. Is there a way that you could start your business with zero capital?

Step 4: Tell it like you want it to be
If you are unemployed but you want to be a sailor, introduce yourself as a sailor. The way you think of yourself and speak about yourself is an important part of living your purpose and of being successful in your career. It is self promotion and its free!




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