Joana Miranda, Artist (Whimsical Illustrator, Jewel Designer & Professional Violist)

Have you ever wonder what a Violist performing in an orchestra think about it as a passion? And by the way that same person can also incredibly design. I would like to introduce Ms. Joana Miranda who doesn’t conform but meticulously carve out her own niche – one where beauty, style, humor and kindness converge.

Her mission is to leave the world a slightly better place but with the pouring talents, she is making the world more cultured, bejeweled, and magical.  She said, “You can’t get good at something unless you put in the time – loads of it!  And you won’t be able to stand putting in loads of time into something unless you truly love doing it.  Passion, patience and perseverance are key.”

Read on her stories about her Passion.

  • Description. I have two resumes. One is for my professional work as a classically trained violist, performer and teacher; the other is for my design work, which encompasses jewelry design, as well as whimsical illustrations. These two fields might seem far apart, but I approach both with the same dedication, focus, and passion along with a desire to reach others.
  • Discovery. Her parents were musicians so going into Music Industry is almost like a birth right but for her passion on design – When I got engaged, I realized that there wasn’t an engagement ring design on the market that I thought was truly beautiful.  So I decided to design my own ring.  Later, I approached the jeweler who made my ring and asked him for advice on where I could study jewelry making.  This conversation led to my doing 3 private workshops with the jeweler over the course of 3 summers.  I also flew to NYC to take a week-long design course at the Gemological Institute of America. Three years after the initial desire to design had germinated in my mind, I found myself working as Design Associate for the jeweler who made my engagement ring! Although I still design jewelry, my focus has shifted to include fashion-based whimsical illustrations.  I love drawing and painting too much to confine my work to merely jewelry designs.
  • Conquered Challenges. The biggest challenge I continually try and conquer is the fear of not being good enough.  I will probably take that fear with me to the grave.  On the plus side, it keeps me constantly striving to grow and learn!
  • Feeling for Living. I feel happiest when I’m creating.  I find myself at peace and in a state of flow.
  • Greatest Achievements. I’m proud of the design awards I’ve won.  I’m particularly proud that I won an award for the first design I did using CAD (computer aided design.)  I struggled long hours with that design, and with trying to learn the complex computer program mostly on my own.  For me, that award was less about my design skill, and more a validation of not giving up.
  • Sharing. My illustrations are currently available at Etsy Online Store or see more of my work on my Website.

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