I created this blog because I myself am on the journey of truly living my passion. I am not an expert but I am obsessed with the vision to make every human being’s passion into a reality; I know it’s a bold dream but I got faith that it is undoubtedly achievable. I believe that we should live our passion because it is our purpose and it is the reason why we can stand proud and thriving to be the best that we can be.

Right now, may you find each post inspiring and boost you to live what you’re made of!

Eventually, I want to move the scale from this humble blog posts into more concrete.

If you’ve watched the movie “Yes Man” where Jim Carrey played Carl, a Loan Officer, it is to that same effect who I wanted to be. He believed on people, he trusted people, it wasn’t just a simple giving clients micro loans to meet their needs like $250 for a mountain bike or $600 for wind surfing lesson, some may say that’s too shallow but it is a giant step for the person who got a dream to fulfill. Click here to watch the clip from the movie.

Or just like the work of Ronald Conway as “Angel Investor”.  Ron is active in Silicon Valley and helps building start-up (one of the original investors of Google, PayPal, Facebook and Twitter). He got a fantastic network and a true good heart to help. A great quote from him, “Who do you need to meet? I’m sure that we know them.” And my favorite e-mail he replied in 6 letters is “AM ON IT.”

I also want to come up with a Passion Curriculum that would allow people to easily name what they’re good at and show a path that would lead them to its success. I don’t want to stop with just curriculum but also build schools that would help in harnessing the proper skills of everyone.

My crazy thoughts are when people live what they love to do, living their intrinsic gift, then everyone becomes creative, happy, and loving. The world smiles because people exist to serve one another with something only each can uniquely do best.


Sorren Galiza


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