First Thing First

Passion is like saying purpose, living what we’re good at, fulfilling our intrinsic gifts, doing it completes us, declares the reason to be happily alive, grant the power to be generous, and love for who we truly are.

Based from my own observations and from what I’ve read over the years, passion can be achieved in four stages:

1. Education. I strongly support that every human being need to learn and receive basic education. Being able to listen, speak, read, write, and do arithmetic are the crucial and essential first step. Having the ability of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and computing would allow a man to explore and grasp life and everything around him with his own vast understanding and capability to share himself to the world.

2. Unveil It. This stage’s main goal is to “Name” our passion. It answers the questions “Why do I exist?” and “What is my contribution to the world?” It is important to figure out our passion (if we haven’t recognized it yet) because it is demanding to be fulfilled.

3. Live It. This stage’s main goal is to become “Great” for doing our passion. The key for becoming great is to keep doing it, be obsessed about it, learn from the best, be courageous to dare the impossible, move out from our comfort zone, keep learning new skills, be creative, and get innovative. It shouldn’t be a shock that our career, the one that gets us paid, is working what we love to do because we’re good at it and it is our natural talent.

4. Share It. This stage shows the beauty of living our passion because we are filled with so much gratefulness and have achieved the perfection of our purpose that we are generous to pass it on to others. It takes confidence and being a man to be able to share the secrets of our success. Sharing our best is leaving our legacy. This will give us the perfect feel good that we’re looking for in life, the true fulfillment without a price tag.


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