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I’ve watched X Factor USA and the bullying came up from one of the auditioners. How can children become so mean, controlling, manipulative and dangerous in such a young age? Where is the hatred coming from? The world needs more true love to be shared with one another.

For my dream Passion School, I will add Values Education in the curriculum. It is not enough that our talents are harnessed and encouraged, the right attitude to get things done along the way should be guided by kindness, gentleness and integrity.

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Having Fun Is A Key Ingredient

2010 Celebrity Apprentice (Season 9) Episodes 7 and 8 showed a perfect example of how FUN could make a difference in doing a challenge.

Episode 7 was the first time when Donald Trump decided to mix the 2 men and 5 women. The new Rocksolid was composed of rock stars with Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kenellis. The Tenacity got Holly Robinson Peete, Summer Sanders, Cyndi Lauper and Curtis Stone.

The all ladies team are turning into a cat fight arena and Sharon was actually thinking of leaving but with the change of team members the air was changed. It was so visible that the team of Bret, Sharon and Maria were having fun hence the flow of creativity and respect was evident. They support one another and they finished the job with so much inspiration they did not win in Episode 7 but no one got fired (how can you fire a team that was on fire of love, it was beautiful to watch) but they sure won Episode 8 (how can you not award a team that showed creativity and fearless edge).

The other team was serious and ill-fully hurting some feelings. It wasn’t a great sight but it happened that pressure, personal dilemma, strong personality, being emotional, and ridiculously no class could lead to being dominant and disrespectful. It is never good to get ahead if along the way you got to step on someone.

Pursuing our passion must have FUN in the equation. Fun unlocks a door that turns difficulty easier to load. Fun leads to a new height of inspiration and an absolute priceless happy feeling. Fun is a sign that whatever you’re doing is worth living for. Finally, having Fun with others entertains respect, cooperation, and success.

Don’t be Fooled, Dream Is Not Enough

Don’t be fooled, dream is only the beginning, without action it is nothing.

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