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This page is filled with different PASSIONS that I can possibly compile. It has successful people that we can treat as role models, I’ve added possible degrees and skills necessary if it’s the path we want to take. I’ve personally contacted these kind individuals who are living their purpose, a true testament that living our passion is definitely achievable.

Artist (Whimsical Illustrator, Jewel Designer & Professional Violist) like Joana Miranda
Degree: Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music although Joana shared to be inquisitive and open, learn from just about anyone, the internet (valuable resource), books, workshop or auditing a class, or talk to others in your chosen field and ask for advice. She added, “If a door is shut in your face, take a deep breath; then go and find another door on which to knock.”
Key Skills: Drawing, painting, and playing the musical instrument viola.

Cook like Julie Goodwin
Degree: Enroll in a Culinary School. According to Julie, “There are many career paths to be a cook.  To be a chef, there is a clear path through apprenticeships. “
Key Skills: Cooking techniques, food knowledge, and be artistic for plating purposes

Creating Art on the Artifacts of Creativity like Daniel Edlen
Fine Arts Major in Painting
Key Skills: Figure drawing and Sculpture


Industrial Designer like Kenneth Cobonpue
Degree: Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design
Key Skills: Creative, Inventor and Competent of measuring


Miniature Artisan like Louise Ho
Degree: No formal studies necessary but learning Fine Arts – Sculpture is a great background. (Louise Ho’s students range from 8 to 60 years old and they could  make great food miniatures.)
Key Skills: Sculpting, Creative, Patience, Attention to details, and Open minded.

Organizer like Linda Koopersmith
Degree: Fine Arts Interior Design could help
Key Skills: According to Ms. Koopersmith – The special skill one needs is the ability to see the final result. Walk into a room and automatically visualize the perfect end result. Know how to get it from A to Z.  What happens during the process for me is my passion. I lose myself in the project. I guess you could say we become one, and hours later, I enjoy the results. Patience is another virtue, since you will need this along with strong people skills. Remember you are working with people who often have a strong attachment to their “stuff,” and often have “issues.” These issues can be a number of things including mental health, ADD, etc. – click here for related videos. Learn about the tools, the organizing products, which are keys in contributing to organizing successes.

Preacher like Bo Sanchez
Degree: Theology, Psychology, and Communications
Key Skills: The skill of immersing oneself in the message so much, the messenger becomes the message


Teacher & Collaborator like Shelly Terrell
Degree: Bachelors in English, a minor in Communication with a specialization in Electronic Media, and a Masters of Education, Curriculum Instruction English as a Second Language, and studied Communication Theory, Public Speaking, Marketing, and Intercultural Communication
Key Skills: Believe on doing, observing, watching others, listening, keeping an open mind, and choosing what works for you


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