Don’t be Fooled, Dream Is Not Enough

Don’t be fooled, dream is only the beginning, without action it is nothing.


You are never too old for your dream

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Our dream is a part of our inner self that is waiting to come out, be recognized, and soar high and mighty. It will never be too late to start. It will never be a question of age. It’s just a matter of our selves committing to let it live.

We’ve heard about the old sayings: “Do what you love and it will never feel like work. Do what you love and you’ll feel lasting happiness and fulfillment.” So why do some of us who knew what we wanted to do still stuck somewhere else?

Come on! Don’t be afraid to START NOW! It is worth it.



I’ve Got A Dream

Have you seen the animated movie Tangled? Do you remember the part when the crowd in the pub was singing their dreams? Here is the video and notice how they smile when they remember their dreams. Our passion can be found on our dreams or our hearts silent but beloved desires.

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