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I watched Ms. Julie Goodwin on television to successfully earn the well deserved title MasterChef but the crowned first ever winner of the 2009 MasterChef Australia in this interview when asked how would she call her passion – she answered Cook. A one fine cook indeed with the right attitude about the beautiful soul of cooking – doing it with love for the people that matter.

I most especially admire her for three reasons, (1) living her passion with grace, (2) her dream to bring people together with her hearty and tasty cooking (I definitely look forward in dining in her restaurant one day with my family and friends), and (3) above all is her love to her family.

Short, sweet, and spoonful – Julie was kind to share more about her passion.

  • Description. Cooking is the way I express love to my family and friends.  It’s how I support those in my community who are struggling, it’s how I express myself, and it’s one of the characteristics that makes me who I am.
  • Discovery. When I first moved out of home there was not a lot of money, but I have always enjoyed good food.  So I figured out if I wanted to eat well I would have to cook well!
  • Conquered Challenges. The thing that has allowed me to pursue cooking and food writing as a full time career was Masterchef Australia.  Entering that competition and winning it has changed my whole career and given me so many wonderful opportunities.
  • Feeling for Living. I feel like the luckiest person alive!
  • Greatest Achievements. My three boys, my wonderful marriage, and my cookbooks.
  • Sharing. By cooking for as many people as I can, and by authoring cookbooks, blogs and columns.

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Thank You To Reality TV Shows

Reality TV Shows open up learning for people who need a mean to start to dive in about their passion. I appreciate the existence of different reality television shows that would cater to diverse talents. Let me show some of my favorites:

Do you want to become a fashion designer?

Project Runway (2004) created by Heidi Klum, Desiree Gruber, Jane Cha Cutler, and Harvey Weinstein is a perfect show that showcase from fashion design conceptualization, execution, up to the runway including dressing up and even deciding the look of the contestant’s assigned model.

Top 3 Designers at the latter part of the show will come up with a collection in a real Fashion Show set-up. It’s an amazing show for a fashion designer to be to watch the contestants who like themselves want to make it big in the fashion industry with the skills that they have and harnessing that skill on the course of the show from getting odd challenges and meeting top designers.

Do you want to become a chef?

MasterChef Australia (2009) is an amazing show because the contestants are amateurs and it shows the passionate cook who gets better overtime. The show is very generous of advice (from different ingredients, techniques, and chef secrets), having master classes, and the frequent presence of renowned chefs to share their expertise is totally a cherry on top of a delicious dessert.

I know that it is not the same not being the actual contestant and taste those delicious foods being served but the recipe are made available in the show’s official website so we can recreate it ourselves. The show is very inspiring that there is a way to make a dream come true.

Do you want to become a model?

America’s Next Top Model (2003) created by Tyra Banks was a good show that illustrates what a starting model with or without experience at all could possibly expect in the business. They do photo shoot, video shoot, catwalk, and all the tips and crucial makeovers that works.

Tyra is a beautiful person that guides the ladies with her expertise having started in the business at a young age and have grown to more than just a fashion model but also a role model.

The reality television series is another venue for us to learn about we love to do. I hope you find the right show that would be give you more inspiration or if it doesn’t exist yet I hope a creator would think of it or you could start it and help other people of your line of purpose.

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