It Gets Easier

Construction site is noisy, messy, dirty, smelly, accident can even happen, inconvenient – you can throw more words in there but the good part is it gets better. After all the drama of building, an actual beautiful structure would eventually come out.

Doing what you like to do gets easier.

But the question is, when things become familiar and comfortable, are you willing to step up for a challenge and innovate? Life is a constant process, everything might be harder in the beginning but you gain expertise and things become working smoothly. The best key is to keep moving with a positive attitude.


Flash Mob is a Collective Inspiration

I am still not tired of flash mobs because they promote collective inspiration. It’s a beautiful art work where people with the same talent (or even those who are on their way to getting there) unite to entertain. A person who witnessed this surprising performance will not stop to smile (can’t even stop to record the performance through his video phone), be in awe and would count the experience a true inspiration.

For the spirit of Christmas, I am sharing the one that happened in 2011 – Westfield Penrith, Sydney, Australia.

Values Education

I’ve watched X Factor USA and the bullying came up from one of the auditioners. How can children become so mean, controlling, manipulative and dangerous in such a young age? Where is the hatred coming from? The world needs more true love to be shared with one another.

For my dream Passion School, I will add Values Education in the curriculum. It is not enough that our talents are harnessed and encouraged, the right attitude to get things done along the way should be guided by kindness, gentleness and integrity.

Photo Source: Simon Cowell News

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