Ask This Question #101

Our passion can be unveiled when we answer:

What would you do for free?

FREE because there is a valid and revealing reasons. We may feel and think of the following if we do the task:

  1. I am very good at it.
  2. I enjoy doing it – look at the time!
  3. I feel fulfillment accomplishing it even if I don’t get paid.
  4. It is not surprising that people around me contact me for it.
  5. I feel like I matter to the world and I contribute.
  6. No second thoughts, let me do it.
  7. I got it, no worries.

So what are you willing to do for FREE?


What problem do I love to solve?

Another important question to ask to find our passion is: “What problem do I love to solve?”

  • List down all the problems that we love to solve. We might realize that we don’t even consider them problems but a challenge because we don’t find it dreadful solving them.
  • Scrutinize our list and then pick the ones that could actually make us serve others while earning from it. The reason why earning is part is because we want to wake up everyday not to go to some day job that doesn’t make our heart smile anymore but to a career that boost our natural energy – it’s our burning desire for loving what we do.

By the way, if you also want to know the secret of getting promoted, the more problem you solve, the more dependable you become then the more likely you become valuable.

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