Pain & Hope

Have you ever face a challenging experience that no matter how painful it would cost if you face it with courage could actually turned positive?

What am I saying? My mother is a cancer patient, 3 years ago; our family have no knowledge about Colo-Rectal Cancer and the diverse side effects of chemotherapy; but having someone close to us made our family hungry for information and be creative to combat the unusual routines that has to be dealt with.

According to research, the fruit Soursop or Guyabano is way better than chemotherapy, our family always prefer natural food if it can cure that’s why we try our best to serve it to our mother even if it’s imported from the Philippines. Every time she eats the fruit, she says it feels like she’s actually having the chemotherapy only better because it has no harmful toxins that harms her; so there must be truth on the research.

Our family is starting to love United Arab Emirates (UAE) even with the absence of soursop, as my mother say, ‘this country is keeping me alive,’ with the great health care she receives through reliable Daman insurance and effective oncology specialist hospital Tawam. Her way to give back for the countless blessings is to help the other cancer patients here in UAE. The help is through her amazing green thumb because everything she grows on soil lives, so she saves the soursop seeds, has successfully grown more than 50 with patience since they’re less than a foot high for now, and more to be planted. We intend to donate the fruit to see it grow as a tree on proper outdoor garden or plantation as soon as we’re confident that they can withstand the natural habitat outside our flat’s veranda with the hope that they can cure more people who love and fight to live.

What becomes close to our hearts can turn into a Charitable Social Responsibility and that’s one of the best ways to share.

Luisita's Garden - Baby Soursop growing in Dubai.


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