Daniel Edlen, Creating Art on the Artifacts of Creativity

Daniel Edlen has an intrinsic gift for painting and he awesomely combined that talent with another type of passion that is his love for music and yet another twist to put it on liter(art)ure. An artist graces this blog and he shares his passion –

  • Description. My passion is seeing and communicating that vision through my work.
  • Discovery. When I was six, I took an art class which taught me how to see. It started me on my journey.
  • Conquered Challenges. I had to get past my self doubt. I’ve been able to handle criticism from others for a long time, but I still am my biggest critic and sometimes discourage myself.
  • Feeling for Living. Blessed and human.
  • Greatest Achievements. Having my work shown at VH1 in NY. Pieces in the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, FL are big ones. Getting to give http://vinylart.info/dlfm.htm to the David Lynch Foundation was a great honor.
  • Sharing. I share my work as directly as possible, mostly online. I always enjoy finding new audiences, like the readers of your blog, with whom to share what I do.

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Shelly Terrell, Educator & Collaborator


Here is a wonderful person who we wouldn’t miss to feature as an epitome because she is sincerely passionate about teaching, utilizing the advantages of technology and having the insatiable energy to do what she believes 24/7. Her own words on passion, “Passion is often consuming as in your thoughts running wild with ideas keeping you up in the wee hours. I don’t sleep much. It’s lying in bed with your mind planning, organizing, contemplating, reevaluating till you have to get up and produce.” Our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Shelly Terrell for sharing her wonderful insights:

  • Description. I am passionate about education and collaboration. I believe that education is key to solving world problems and that every child deserves to learn the skills to make a positive difference during their lifetime. In order to do this children should learn how to collaborate with peers worldwide and get along with them. These skills are difficult for most adults because we were never really taught to care and problem-solve with others worldwide. I am passionate about establishing opportunities for educators and children to be able to communicate and develop relationships with peers worldwide. Therefore, I currently am a freelance teacher trainer, the VP of Educator Outreach for Parentella, the Social Media Community Manager for The Consultants-E, and an English language teacher in Germany.
  • Discovery. I’m a lot like my father. He used to help people as long as I can remember. We always had several people stay at our house and he’d help them out and take them places their parents never would because the parents couldn’t afford it or were working 2 or 3 jobs. My father never saw obstacles either. He was a championship bowler. When he was in the Navy he pulled his right shoulder and the doctors said he would never bowl again. He spent days learning to bowl with his left hand instead and has a signature movement that helps him bowl perfect scores.We joined an innercity church when I was in high school. We volunteered to be leaders of the children’s church, the youth group, and the prison ministry. We worked with over 500 children, adolescents, and teens. We taught them through innovative means – singing, puppetry, music, dance, pantomine, etc. Mostly, we were there for them and if they were in trouble at 3am our phones and doors were always open. I learned a lot during those years because I worked with several kids who struggled with drug addictions, abusive parents, teen pregnancy, gangs, peer pressure, poverty, crime, and more. In college, I volunteered for several creative writing and literacy programs. As a result, I had a chance to visit several schools with the lowest reading levels and achievement. These schools always seem to be in low-income areas with high minority populations. I was appalled that some teachers would call students stupid or yell at them that they would never amount to anything. Those teachers saw stress, another failing grade, or another misconduct. I had worked personally with children who lived in the low-income districts and all I could think of was what they were suffering at home. Plato says, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” I remember this as an educator no matter how stressful things may get.
  • Conquered Challenges. Toughening myself up! When you live with passion and collaborate with others you will always annoy someone or have people who only see the obstacles of why something can’t be achieved. They will tell you all the reasons it cannot be done. I had to learn along the way to surround myself with the people who believed in the same vision. We only have walls if we see them and allow others to put them there. Vision is important because what seems an obstacle to one person can be a learning opportunity for another. I don’t see walls. I don’t see how something cannot be accomplished. I just do it and if it happens at a later time than expected or becomes a bit more different than what I first envisioned then I believe that is because it was meant to be like that.
  • Feeling for Living. Blessed. I wake up everyday and feel blessed to live everyday exactly as I choose to, helping others.
  • Greatest Achievements. My greatest achievements have been working with several talented individuals worldwide to provide innovative educational opportunities to students and educators worldwide. One of these projects was a nonprofit organization called E.T.H.O.S. ETHOS achieved the SAMMS Ministries 2001 Volunteer Group of the Year Award for the creation of a creative arts program for homeless children. Basically, a community of poets, writers, artists, musicians, and slam poets gathered for the summer to visit nearly 75 children living in a homeless shelter and got them to learn through hands-on creative lessons. The children got to play and make drums, create and recite their own poetry, and so much more! They were so incredibly happy and for a few hours everyday got to think about something else than their circumstances. Another project is the free annual online conference, The Reform Symposium, which had over 35 Keynotes, Panels, and presentations and over 4,000 attendees worldwide.
  • Sharing. I share my passion daily through social media platforms- blogging, Twitter, online educator communities, free weekly webinars, online discussions, Facebook groups, and more. I also present at several conferences worldwide and participate and support many educational projects to inspire teachers to be active in their own professional development. Any educator can download my free 30 Goals Challenge E-book which walks them through these steps and join the 30 Goals Facebook Community for support from other educators worldwide. Many of the projects are listed on my blog, Teacher Reboot Camp.

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Bo Sanchez, Communicates God’s Love

Bo Sanchez speaking and having fun with his family

We feel extremely blessed that Bro. Bo Sanchez graces our blog about his passion, which he says “I communicate God’s Love through my preaching, writing, ministry, and relationships.”

We admire him for his pure desire to share what he loves to everyone that transpires to thousands of inspirations. We love the way he touches our heart by making us realize our great possibilities.

Here are his lovely thoughts about passion:

  • Description. I communicate God’s Love so that people become all that God wants them to be.  The DNA of change is simple.  When one loves you, you learn to love yourself – and change for the better.
  • Discovery. When I was 13 years old, my prayer group leader prophesied to me, telling me that God told her that I have the gift of wisdom and God wanted me to preach.  She then asked me to give a talk in that small prayer group.  I said yes, and I’ve never stopped.
  • Conquered Challenges. I want to live every single message I give my audience.  That’s tough.  I preach a new message every week.  Before I preach it, I need to see it in my life first.  That’s been really tough.  But it has caused me to grow so much.
  • Feeling for Living. It’s the only way to live.  I believe I’ll keep on preaching and writing for the rest of my life.  I believe I’ll be focused on my relationships, communicating God’s Love, for the rest of my life too.
  • Greatest Achievements. I love my wife.  I love my kids.  I love my parents.  I love my siblings and their families.  I love my in-laws.  I love my friends. I love my fellow-servants in the ministry.  I love my flock.  I love my audience.  The other achievements are simply ways of loving.
  • Sharing. I’m now raising up an army of preachers like myself. Our goal is raise up 1000. We’ve set up a process on how to do it. I’m excited.


Here is one of his many thought provoking articles that is full of truth, optimism, humor, wit and centered to communicate God’s Love: http://bosanchez.ph/5-steps-on-how-to-expand-your-territories.

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