Breakfast Served: North East West South (NEWS)

Most people gets a paper on their hands for breakfast maybe it even includes you; but do you know a particular person who reads it from cover to cover – like really reading every single article? Very few I supposed because people read what will really interest them.

You know how I see it? A newspaper is like the world where it got something for someone, like each of us is meant for a certain group. Let us live our intrinsic talents to be shared to the world and I’m sure a certain group would understand us, believe us, and can truly relate to us; and that’s just the beginning of a better relationship.

A take for The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast.


Louise Ho, Miniature Artisan

Louise Ho will make anyone wonder how she delicately makes big statements out of the miniature arts that she creates. Her craftsmanship is impeccable from creating 0.9cm Krispy Kreme doughnut or Hydrangeas flowers among others all tinier than the size of a regular adult man’s thumb. Read on as she reveals her passion:

  • Description. These mini versions of food, built on a 1/12 scale, are handmade with meticulous attention using high-quality Japanese clay. A process that combines clay with colour produces miniatures almost identical to real food. I also do miniature flowers like roses, hydrangea, peonies etc.
  • Discovery. I have passion in art since I was young. I have been doing different types of arts e.g. painting, sculpture even fashion studies, etc.; however they did not last long in my life. Until  6 years ago I went to Hong Kong for business and I saw food miniatures through a friend and I was so surprise on how amazing they were and I bought the materials and practice myself, since then I knew that I have found my passion.
  • Conquered Challenges. Lack of materials and accessories would be my biggest challenge when it comes to making my ideal miniatures. I had to source around the world to get my favourite miniature accessories. Sometimes I had to be creative to find alternative solution.  I guess by solving these challenges also improve my creative skills.
  • Feeling for Living. I feel joyful and peaceful when I’m working on the clay; and I feel very satisfied that I have created something from nothing.
  • Greatest Achievements. My greatest achievements would be helping Meat & Livestock Australia to create a lamb chop pin for TV commercial and made a mini patisserie based on a real shop for a famous Pastry Chef Adriano Zumbo.
  • Sharing. I like to share my passion with other people and I have been teaching for 4 years. Also, I’m very proud of my students that they have done a great job and this form of art has enhanced their creativity.

Connect with Louise Ho:

What is hidden in the red rectangular frame?

It looks like a bunch of pins
In a red rectangular frame
What should I make out of it?
Let me try and play

I press my palm on cold steels
And watch as the shape formed
The shiny thing followed what I gave
I saw my hands transformed

The world mimics what we think
The universe delivers what we order
Let us declare what’s in our hearts
So our dreams will not go wander

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