Does Passion Know Moderation?

People who are on the zone of doing their passion will be so engrossed and dedicated that they seem crazy and far from doing things in moderation. Extremity is the only way why they’ve invented or discovered things than those who just wish they could have done it.

Moderation or better labeled as “balance” is the secret to make sure passionate people are still in touch with the world and themselves and not only to what they are focused on, which they are really good at doing like no one else can. Putting moderation in the picture is like giving a chance to glimpse of what others are passionate about.

The crucial part is always knowing when “moderation” should kick in life – this is a responsibility of proper discernment. How do we acquire wisdom? Ask for it.

If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please. ~Epictetus

Article inspired by Scott Berkun – Should everything be done in moderation?


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