Julie Goodwin, Cook

I watched Ms. Julie Goodwin on television to successfully earn the well deserved title MasterChef but the crowned first ever winner of the 2009 MasterChef Australia in this interview when asked how would she call her passion – she answered Cook. A one fine cook indeed with the right attitude about the beautiful soul of cooking – doing it with love for the people that matter.

I most especially admire her for three reasons, (1) living her passion with grace, (2) her dream to bring people together with her hearty and tasty cooking (I definitely look forward in dining in her restaurant one day with my family and friends), and (3) above all is her love to her family.

Short, sweet, and spoonful – Julie was kind to share more about her passion.

  • Description. Cooking is the way I express love to my family and friends.  It’s how I support those in my community who are struggling, it’s how I express myself, and it’s one of the characteristics that makes me who I am.
  • Discovery. When I first moved out of home there was not a lot of money, but I have always enjoyed good food.  So I figured out if I wanted to eat well I would have to cook well!
  • Conquered Challenges. The thing that has allowed me to pursue cooking and food writing as a full time career was Masterchef Australia.  Entering that competition and winning it has changed my whole career and given me so many wonderful opportunities.
  • Feeling for Living. I feel like the luckiest person alive!
  • Greatest Achievements. My three boys, my wonderful marriage, and my cookbooks.
  • Sharing. By cooking for as many people as I can, and by authoring cookbooks, blogs and columns.

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Marc Jacobs on Work, Success, and the Art World

Marc Jacobs has his own fashion label and he is also Louis Vuitton’s Art Director since 1997.

His words on Life and Work –

I don’t have any separation between life and work so I guess it’s the same thing.

On Success –

I don’t know how to define success.
If I can continue to do what I love then I am successful.

After one of his NY fashion shows –

I didn’t do anything, I just do my job.

He loves designing but he looks highly about one thing in particular… The Art World

I’ve always felt intimidated by the art world.

In the creative hierarchy, the art world is like up here and fashion is down there.

I see the life of these artists sometimes and the way they live and how they travel and I think it is such a beautiful creative existence that seems sort of so pure in some way.

Linda Koopersmith, Organizer

The passion “Organizer” has a very special place in my heart because I love doing it. I gushed every time I watch Linda Koopersmith on Clean House turning any mess to immaculately organized in tasteful designs. She is one of the pioneers in the business definitely making professional organizer popular and highlighted it as real career for those who got this as a passion.

To cite a successful project, check out what she did to Lindsay Lohan’s walk-in closet, walk-in closet is an understatement, it looked like a shabby boutique.

Do you feel that you also love this path? Read on as she shares what she loves and learn as I did:

  • Description. People often comment to me about my passion. I can only describe it as my love of life!  It’s something that fulfills me everyday, and it gives me great joy. It’s the only thing I know one can do that at the end of the day you can stand back and say to yourself, “Look what I did!” I’m amazed every time!
  • Discovery. I think it started as a very young child. I shared a room with a sister who was 7 years older. We had to learn how to co-exist in a small space. My side was always neat and tidy, her’s not so much! I remember when she left for college within the first day I was dismantling her bed and rearranging the room.
  • Conquered Challenges. I think my biggest challenge was the time I had to spend away from my daughter while I was on Clean House from 2003-2005. I spent long hours away from home during those years. It was hard but we somehow managed.
  • Feeling for Living. There is nothing I’d rather do in the world than Organize & Design. I feel like the luckiest lady alive! I know it’s a gift to say my work is FUN! I absolutely LOVE IT! I just wish I could be in 50 places at once so I could help more people.
  • Greatest Achievements. I’m still working on more, but to date, I’ve created new organizing products that will be available in the Spring 2012. I have a line of velvet jewelry organizers that are currently being sold at The Container Store. I’ve written a book, and I’ve been fortunate to meet and work for some of the most incredible people.
  • Sharing. I share it everyday with my crew, and those around me I am organizing & designing for. I’d like nothing more than to expand that to a greater outreach. Currently I am in discussions to create web segments, so people all over the world can tune into see where I am and what magic I’m making one house/office at a time.

She founded the company The Beverly Hills Organizer in 1989 but at first she made it up! Here’s her true inspiring story that is genius because she gave more than organizing solution to businesses while still considering meeting her personal needs:

I needed to find a way to make more money, and in turn allow me to have more time to spend at home since I was a single, pregnant mom.

The idea to organize as a career came to me from my experience as a commercial real estate agent. For 3 years I leased office space, and noticed time and again that IF people were more organized, they would need less square footage, and ultimately save money. Hence the idea of organizing for others was born.

Connect with Linda Koopersmith:

  • Visit the Website
  • Telephone – 001-310-704-5573
  • Follow her on Twitter – @Lindakoopersmit

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