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I watched Ms. Julie Goodwin on television to successfully earn the well deserved title MasterChef but the crowned first ever winner of the 2009 MasterChef Australia in this interview when asked how would she call her passion – she answered Cook. A one fine cook indeed with the right attitude about the beautiful soul of cooking – doing it with love for the people that matter.

I most especially admire her for three reasons, (1) living her passion with grace, (2) her dream to bring people together with her hearty and tasty cooking (I definitely look forward in dining in her restaurant one day with my family and friends), and (3) above all is her love to her family.

Short, sweet, and spoonful – Julie was kind to share more about her passion.

  • Description. Cooking is the way I express love to my family and friends.  It’s how I support those in my community who are struggling, it’s how I express myself, and it’s one of the characteristics that makes me who I am.
  • Discovery. When I first moved out of home there was not a lot of money, but I have always enjoyed good food.  So I figured out if I wanted to eat well I would have to cook well!
  • Conquered Challenges. The thing that has allowed me to pursue cooking and food writing as a full time career was Masterchef Australia.  Entering that competition and winning it has changed my whole career and given me so many wonderful opportunities.
  • Feeling for Living. I feel like the luckiest person alive!
  • Greatest Achievements. My three boys, my wonderful marriage, and my cookbooks.
  • Sharing. By cooking for as many people as I can, and by authoring cookbooks, blogs and columns.

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Louise Ho, Miniature Artisan

Louise Ho will make anyone wonder how she delicately makes big statements out of the miniature arts that she creates. Her craftsmanship is impeccable from creating 0.9cm Krispy Kreme doughnut or Hydrangeas flowers among others all tinier than the size of a regular adult man’s thumb. Read on as she reveals her passion:

  • Description. These mini versions of food, built on a 1/12 scale, are handmade with meticulous attention using high-quality Japanese clay. A process that combines clay with colour produces miniatures almost identical to real food. I also do miniature flowers like roses, hydrangea, peonies etc.
  • Discovery. I have passion in art since I was young. I have been doing different types of arts e.g. painting, sculpture even fashion studies, etc.; however they did not last long in my life. Until  6 years ago I went to Hong Kong for business and I saw food miniatures through a friend and I was so surprise on how amazing they were and I bought the materials and practice myself, since then I knew that I have found my passion.
  • Conquered Challenges. Lack of materials and accessories would be my biggest challenge when it comes to making my ideal miniatures. I had to source around the world to get my favourite miniature accessories. Sometimes I had to be creative to find alternative solution.  I guess by solving these challenges also improve my creative skills.
  • Feeling for Living. I feel joyful and peaceful when I’m working on the clay; and I feel very satisfied that I have created something from nothing.
  • Greatest Achievements. My greatest achievements would be helping Meat & Livestock Australia to create a lamb chop pin for TV commercial and made a mini patisserie based on a real shop for a famous Pastry Chef Adriano Zumbo.
  • Sharing. I like to share my passion with other people and I have been teaching for 4 years. Also, I’m very proud of my students that they have done a great job and this form of art has enhanced their creativity.

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You’ve Got A Seed To Give

What do you feel about your talent?

What do you feel about yourself?

If you ever think you’re not good enough, pause, delete that thought, and think about a Papaya fruit.

When you open a Papaya and cut right through the middle, it will show you a hallow space like an incubator keeping a good number of black seeds safe and comfortable. Think of the Papaya as you, you’ve got seeds to give, but as you probably know, you’ve got to plant the seed to the right soil where it’ll grow and produce the same goodness as you have.

The cycle of a great life is to find apprentice and teach whatever you know on how to be successful on your chosen craft.

Have you reached that point? If not yet, it will come. If you did, I’d love to hear about it and share it to this blog. 😉

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